Environmental Outlook: Organic Food Standards

The market for organic food has grown from just $1 billion in 1990 to nearly $30 billion today. As big corporations enter the market, concern has grown about enforcement of organic standards, and some see the movement drifting away from its founding principles of sustainability and local farming. They are alarmed by organic tomatoes grown in far-off, Mexican deserts that require constant irrigation, organic cows living on industrial-sized feedlots, and chickens laying organic eggs while confined in high-capacity barns. But others say that big farms bring organic food to the masses. For this month’s Environmental Outlook series: the organic food paradox.

Listen to the full program.

**Note from Chef Chris~ This program illustrates the importance of what we do here at Palm Beach Organics! We only buy from trusted sources, and do not import a single thing!

Story found here at The Diane Rehm Show

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